Feel at Ease with the Privacy Policy at Golden Cherry

The Privacy Policy here at Golden Cherry Casino exists to help our players feel more at ease when they provide personal information to enhance their gambling experiences. This information is protected and kept strictly confidential unless we are required by law to share it with government or law enforcement officials. First and foremost, we track information about our incoming visitors in order to improve not only our services, but the way they are delivered to the public. Things like the referring website, the browser our players are using and more will be used for this purpose. Keep in mind, though, that this information is never associated with any personal information like names or addresses.

In order to track this information, we use what are known as cookies which are small bits of data placed on your computer each time you visit the site. With this data, we can gather the information we need to improve experiences overall, gather statistical information for marketing purposes, and more. Our Privacy Policy also notes that some of this information may be shared with third party marketing agencies, but it will never be linked to your name or your email address so you won't have to worry about spam or identity theft. This only influences the ads and banners that our customers see while they are visiting our website.

Finally, please be advised that we can change this policy at any time. We encourage all of our visitors to check back from time to time to discover any changes that have been made. In the event that any of these alterations affect the ways in which we intend to gather, utilize or distribute any personal information that you provide, and as long as you are an active member of the venue, we will send you an email describing these changes. If you do not agree, you will be able to withdraw any funds to which you are entitled and close your account. For questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service agents via email, telephone or live web chat.