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There are many different types of people who like to play online Sudoku. People who traditionally don't even gamble will sometimes log into their computers in the morning and enjoy this numbers puzzle to help them get their days started. Others pick up the local newspaper and fill in the grid as quickly as they can as a way to test their skills. However, what if you could do it for real money? Here at Golden Cherry Casino, we've gone to great lengths to make that possible. Now, rather than simply waking up your brain in the morning, you can earn some real cash at the same time.
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$4000 Jackpot

Essentially, Sudoku is a relatively simple game. It is a number puzzle that consists of nine squares in a large three-by-three grid, and each of these squares contains another, smaller three-by-three grid inside. This means that there are exactly nine squares inside of yet another nine squares. Your goal, then, is to place numbers into the grid in such a way that none of the numbers one through nine is repeated in any row, column or individual square. It sounds simple, right? While it can be quite easy, it can also be quite challenging. Our venue offers this exciting game in three different difficulty levels - easy, medium and hard. In the easy version, a lot of the numbers will have been filled in for you and all it takes is a little bit of elimination to figure out the rest. In the hard version, you'll be challenged even more since only a few of the correct answers have been filled in.

Getting started isn't difficult since we make it easy to create an account here, but you're welcome to play for free, as well, if you just want to check it out. We'll provide you with an excellent welcome bonus to help you get started, and you can use this money to enjoy not only this ages-old game of numbers, but also any other title that is available in our venue. We're sure that once you get started, you'll want to stick around and take advantage of the other ongoing promotions here at Golden Cherry.