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Earn Money with the Affactive Affiliate Program at Golden Cherry

The Affactive affiliate program, also referred to as Golden Cherry Casino Affiliates, is a great way for people to earn some money simply by directing new players to Golden Cherry Casino. It is our goal to interact with each and every one of our clients in an incredibly personalized manner as we feel that this makes for the best business relationships possible while providing players with a great welcome bonus. Our customers are always happy with the services they receive from us, but we're always in need of new clientele to help round things out. This is why we're happy to offer up some of the best commissions and rewards in the industry to those who dedicate their time to helping us with our online marketing strategies.

The commission that can be earned with our Affactive affiliate program is industry-leading and it works a bit differently than most. While the norm is to offer individuals a percentage of sales based upon the amount of revenue we earn on their referrals, we actually make it a bit easier. Instead, we pay commissions based upon the actual number of depositors someone can refer to us. As such, individuals who refer one to 50 people receive 30%, those who send us between 50 and 100 receive 35%, affiliates who refer between 101 and 500 people receive 40%, and anyone who sends us more than 500 depositors earns a whopping 45% commission!

We don't expect our affiliates to fend for themselves in today's world, so we have worked hard to provide plenty of tools to help along the way. We understand that keeping track of things is essential, so our tracking and marketing tools are state-of-the-art. We offer banners, logos, newsletters and more, and we'll even take special requests in the event of a focused campaign. Here at Golden Cherry, we truly want to succeed and we are more than willing to reward the people who take the time to help us along the way. Getting started is simple; all you have to do is visit our website, provide some basic information, and create your account. You could be earning money today, especially when our casino offers some of the best casino games and prizes!