Developing a Video Poker Strategy that Works

Video poker has been around since the 1970s when it first got its start in land-based casinos. Back then, the game was played on a huge console with graphics that were far from aesthetically pleasing. Today, online venues offer up multiple variations of the popular classic and the graphics are as realistic as it gets. Of course, if you really hope to win anything, you have to come up with and employ a video poker strategy that works.

Coming up with a good video poker strategy is easiest whenever you start with the simplest variant which is usually Jacks or Better. With this version, the idea is to choose which cards out of the five you receive to hold or discard in hopes of building the best hand. You can hold them all or discard them all depending upon what it is you are trying to complete, but determining the best odds and which are the best decisions is the essence of coming up with a strategy.
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Many people simply choose to use intuition to determine what to keep and what to let go, but the truth is that this is almost never the best way to do things. Like most of the other card games that are found in casinos, this outcomes are dependent upon a set of mathematical statistics and odds. What this means is that you can determine the best decisions simply by referring to a chart that lists those odds for you. Thus, the best video poker strategy is to find a chart that matches not only the variant you choose, but also the number of hands that are in play at once.

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