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If you've been looking for the perfect establishment in which to play online bingo games, then direct your web browser right here to Golden Cherry Casino. We offer all three of the most popular types that are available anywhere in the world, and we've built upon them to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience that we're sure you won't be able to duplicate anywhere else. Not only that, but we'll give you some incredibly lucrative welcome bonuses to help get you started! You won't have to gather your good luck charms, get in the car and drive across town to your local hall anymore. Instead, you can simply get on the computer and enjoy a digitalized world with plenty of camaraderie.
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Rock On

$4000 Jackpot

The people who play online bingo games the most have claimed that 90-, 80- and 75-ball options are their favorites. We offer all three in varying themes, so you'll find several individual rooms in each category. Then, you'll be able to pick the number of cards you want to purchase and even whether to enjoy the traditional five-in-a-row pattern or something a bit more complex. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that there are always plenty of people online willing to chat with you and that the real prizes on offer are quite nice considering your minimum buy-ins.

The 75-ball option is the one that is enjoyed most often in Canada and the US. Here, there are a total of 75 balls in the virtual hopper, and each card consists of a five-by-five grid with a free space in the middle. Once you've purchased your cards, your goal will be to daub the spaces as the numbers are called in order to complete the pattern that is noted on the screen. In most cases, you'll need five spaces daubed in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win. However, here at Golden Cherry Casino, we offer up some unique patterns, too. Cover-all requires you to daub every single space on the card, and this can get highly competitive. Then, you may be asked to fill in a heart, a square, a triangle, or even a circle of sorts in order to win the pot.