Online Casino Craps: How To Play Craps and Win

The contemporary gambling world is more focused on the online platform more than ever. This could mean that some players out there may not have even been to local establishments but if you have been in one before, you surely would have noticed the craps table with the biggest population surrounding it inside the brick and mortar casino.

In fact, even at Casino Golden Cherry, online casino craps remain to be a popular option for many wagers out there and this is certainly due to how extremely satisfying, exhilarating and stimulating it can be to play it. It's a game full of action and excitement and if you're one who's been craving for such a fun-filled time for ages already, then you'll without a doubt find yourself within its section. Before you do place your bets and have the dice rolled, it is even more vital that you know exactly what you're doing. Having more knowledge about the craps payout table, casino craps rules and the best way to play craps and win, will surely allow you to go a long way while playing the game.

Basic Casino Craps Rules

There's no doubt that for beginners, this game could end up being more complex than your usual waging games like slots and other basic card games. Still, as long as you remember some of the basic rules and the most important points when playing the game, it is certainly going to help you get accommodated to it quicker. This in turn would allow you to perform better in the foreseeable future and the next thing you know, you may already be excelling at it.

The most basic aspect that you need to know are the people involved in the game. There's the boxman who would be responsible for keeping the game secured and fair at all times. There's the dealers, who will be in-charge of the piles of cash that are won and lost, and distribute them accordingly. There's also the most well-known guy on the table other than the shooter - the Stickman. This guy is the one who provides the dice to the shooter of the game. The shooter would more often than not, be the one who'll bet first on the pass and they don't pass bet.

There are ultimately plenty of betting options you could play on casino craps from Rival Casino Software but, only a handful of them would surely be worth using. For instance, there's the pass, and they don't pass bet which is relatively more simple than other games. There's a marvelous sense of control when you're playing this game despite the fact that the role of the dice is something that's also affected by your luck.

When rolling the dice, it is important to know that this portion is called the 'come out' roll and if you're going to be the shooter, you should understand that the number you'll get from throwing the two dice should not be 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12. These numbers have their effects later on in the game.

Rolling a number other than the aforementioned numbers would allow you, the shooter to establish a point. However, if the point is not established but the shooter has already scored 7 or 11 on their roll, those who have placed their bets on the pass line could rejoice since they've won already. On the other hand, those who go for the don't pass bet, would win if the 2,3 and 12 are rolled by the shooter. What about the rolls after that? The players' bets after establishing a point are to determine whether a point would be scored first or if 7 will be rolled first.

Craps Payout Table

Depending on the establishment you're playing in, the type of bet you've placed and other factors - the payouts could be different. This is why it is better that you review the payout table of the game you're joining before you even think about joining to bet or joining as the shooter.

Live Craps

If you find yourself unable to go to a land-based waging establishment but, you prefer a live experience compared to one that's highly reliant on the mechanism of your computer, you could always go for a craps bonus to play live casino craps. This option is one of the most popular today as you'll be able to experience the enthusiastic and the fun-filled place of the craps table all within the comforts of your own home. You'll feel exactly as though you're participating on it for real, which is a great advantage for any dedicated bettors out there.