At Golden Cherry Instant Wealth is There for the Taking

11 Mar. 2014

At Golden Cherry Casino you can play your way to riches with the great promos available until March 20th. There is a sweet cash back offer, a special offer, and superb bonuses for table games, roulette, and slots players. Take advantage of all available to you this month, as a higher tax bracket is yours for the taking if Lady Luck is on your side.

You can get a Supersized Cashback each and every time you hit $250 in deposits, as you will get 100% cash back. When you are playing with at least $400 you can get more chances to hit it big by receiving 300% for slots. You can get this by depositing $100 or more using the code WEALTH300.

The slots promos are all about wealth and with the percentages you can receive you will see why. For lower stakes slots players deposit $21 or more with the bonus code WALTH190 and get 190% and for depositing $50 or more, you get 220% (WEALTH220). A deposit of $100 or more will net you 300% (WEALTH300) and with the coupon WEALTH320 a deposit of $150 or more will net 320%.For higher stakes players use the coupons of WEALTH350 and WEALTH400 with depositing $250 or more or $400 or more and get 350% and 400 respectively.

Big money and great percentages are also available to roulette and table games so every player, no matter what your game, can live large. With the codes of WHEEL50, WHEEL80, and WHEEL110 roulette players can receive 50% for depositing $25 or more, 80% for depositing $80 or more, and 110% for depositing $100 or more. Good luck on those spins!

Feel like royalty playing slots at Golden Cherry Casino with up to 180% you can get back and the more you get back the more you can spin and the more you can spin the more you can win! Deposit $25 or more and receive 122% with the coupon (KING122), $50 or more will net you 145% (KING145), and $100 or more gets you 180% (KING180).